The mission of Women’s Aid Service, Inc., is:

* To provide safety and empowerment to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and

* To work to eliminate sexual victimization and domestic violence through shelter, treatment, education, and social change

WAS Agency Beliefs

1. Everyone has the right to live in a safe environment.

2. No one should be forced to submit themselves or their children to domestic violence.

3. No one is the property of another person.

4. Domestic violence and sexual assault are not private matters; they are criminal offenses and public issues.

5. Domestic violence and sexual assault are issues affecting people of every income level, race, religion, sexual orientation, age and social background.

6. Women’s Aid Service, Inc. is opposed to ALL forms of abuse.

7. We support equality of all people, and we work to interrupt the cycle of violence.

8. We are dedicated to the empowerment of the survivor, allowing them to make their own choices.

 WAS Agency Goals

o provide crisis victims with a safe house where they can feel at ease

o identify those issues that create feelings of crisis

o help individuals in crisis achieve workable solutions

o provide options and referrals to victims and their families

o increase community support

o provide intervention services to all members of the family.

* Agency Funding

o Currently, we are funded by a branch of the Michigan Department of Human Services, the Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Board (MDVPTB), Clare, Isabella and Gratiot counties United Way, Victims of Crime Act(V.O.C.A.), private donations and agency fund raisers.

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